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Kelly Benefit Strategies
301 International Circle
Hunt Valley, Maryland 21030
PHONE: 410-527-3400
FAX: 410-527-3470


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As one of America’s premier employee benefit consultants, Kelly Benefit Strategies knows the value of having a trusted partner to help manage a company’s benefits plan. We are committed to working with our customers throughout the entire benefits life cycle: From consulting and plan design to implementation and ongoing support. With Kelly Benefit Strategies, you have a dedicated resource devoted to elevating your benefits plan, simplifying your administrative and human resource processes, and providing the platform for innovative strategic vision through our unique and powerful Total Benefits Solution®.


Consulting Services


We partner with our clients to understand the uniqueness of their benefits philosophy and the challenges within their program. We couple that knowledge with our in-depth understanding of prevailing trends in the benefits marketplace. Then with expertise and creativity, we tailor a solution that balances quality with return on investment and encourages healthy behavior in all covered members.


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Benefits Technology and Administration


We provide leading-edge benefits technology with the most experienced back-end administration in the industry. Our Total Benefits Solution® eliminates redundant administrative tasks, allowing our clients to focus on what matters most – people, performance and profit.


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We offer a full-service payroll product that can be integrated with our benefits technology and administration platform.



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KELLY is pleased to offer individual insurance products, workers' compensation, and payroll services.  For more information, click on one of the buttons below.


We would like to introduce our pro-cycling team’s new social media hub Human-Powered Health has been a rallying cry for our team for some time now. The new site collects any post hashtagged #humanpoweredhealth on Twitter or Instragram and dynamically integrates it into the site’s mosaic alongside our own team updates. One key is that this is not necessarily a pro racing or even cycling focused idea – we want people to be creative in their interpretation of what HPH means to them. Each month, we chose a contributor to win a prize from one of our great partners.


We designed the site to be a great tool for all of us to address one of the key goals of our team, people taking accountability for their own health and fitness.



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